The Best BBQ in Bath

About Us

Our Story

With deep roots in Tennessee, we relocated to Bath, Ontario, in 2015 to bring authentic southern-style BBQ north of the border. With a background in the operation of high-volume, full-service chain restaurants at the age of 16, our owner eventually moved towards a career in geotechnical and electronic engineering. While his hobbies ranged from performing music to smoking southern BBQ, it was the acquisition of the building at 352 Main St. and its existing tenants’ departure that kicked off a new adventure. By merging skills and hobbies, along with the experiences from travelling the world, the Beachside BBQ Concept was born. With the help of amazing individuals and staff, our concept has been realized and improved upon, and we are now waiting for your return to enjoy friends, food, and, most of all, fun! Mahalo!

The Best BBQ in Bath

About Our Restaurant

Beachside BBQ is more than just an amazing Southern BBQ restaurant; we’re an experience. Since we first opened our doors on January 17th, 2023, we have shaken up what was once considered to be the normal dining experience. When you enter our beach-themed restaurant, you are greeted with not only smiles and warm welcomes but also a unique island vibe and the sweet smell of slow-cooked, southern BBQ.

Dietary Options

Despite being a Southern BBQ restaurant, we offer our customers a wide selection of options, from vegetarian and gluten-free to a three-step program that addresses allergies and special diets.

Delicious Food

Our specialty is traditional southern BBQ, served fast and paired with selections from our very well-appointed full-service bar.

Unique Environment

Whether you want to dine outdoors on our patio, in our indoor Barrio or Playa, or in the authentic 1960s lifeboat, you will be left wanting to return to make more memories at Beachside BBQ.

Our Menu

Sizzle, feast, and relish the flavor! At Beachside BBQ, we bring you a tropical culinary experience like no other. Explore a paradise of mouthwatering delights where our smoky grills put on a flavorful performance, and the tantalizing aromas surround you.